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1. Exclusive technology : B-Cure Laser includes an international patent for its laser beam, which covers a coherent area of 4.5 cm² allowing the free flow of the laser beam. The wider the treatment area, the higher the chances to hit the correct point of treatment if the whole area is covered by the laser beam’s energy, as it does with the B-Cure Laser. This wide treatment area provides high efficacy results, as proven in five double blind clinical trials (see attached company presentation including details), and makes it possible for patients to treat themselves with success. In a systematic literature review published in “Photomedicine and Laser Surgery” (2018) the B-Cure Laser device was cited in 4 out of 14 studies. Literature supports the safety and efficacy of B-Cure Laser vs. all medical photomedicine devices for home use.

2. Proven experience: The company has operated for more than 10 years, and has successfully sold over 190,000 devices worldwide.

3. Proven quality and safety: The company’s production holds a factory certification ISO 13485: 2016. B-Cure Laser is also marked CE 0197, cleared by ANVISA Brazil, as well as the Israeli Health Ministry.

Other products in the market might compete with us in the same category, but they do not compete with the results the B-Cure Laser provides. Which is the reason hospitals, clinics, professional athletes and sport organizations, use B-Cure Laser even though its price in times might be higher.


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